PCS Media is pleased to announce that we’ve acquired FamilyCoupons.Org.  This is a great site with the sole purpose of saving American Families money on a variety of products and services found in the market place. The savings go beyond the boundaries of the grocery store.  This site gives you plenty to choose from so be sure to check it out.  Really, you won’t be disappointed.

SIMS Free Play

Just reviewed the android app for SIMS Free Play.  Enjoyed the application so much that we decided to stand up SIMSFREEPLAY.COM as a major fan site.  The site is currently in the micro niche stage of development,  but we’re growing it to share how much we truly love the app.  We hope you enjoy it … Continue reading

We’ve just stood up another one of our micro niche web sites.  This site adds value to the internet by tying the link between menopause and weight gain; hence the name.  This site is perfect for those going into menopause and making a life transition.


We’ve just set up a new micro niche site called “TalkToGirs.Org.” The site features candid advice on how to talk to girls. If you’re in the dating scene, be sure to check out our new site.


We’ve just started building out another on of our network websites. Since I’ve always been interested in cancer types, I decided to build out CancerTypes.Org. This is a web site dedicated to exploring cancer, report on the newest cancer treatments, and look at holistic approaches to cancer treatment. Please explore our site as we continue … Continue reading

Coffee Articles

We’ve just finalized several articles for one of our web properties: We’ve SEO optimized the articles for maximum exposure and hope you enjoy our work. I love coffee and think it’s one of God’s greatest gifts. Enjoy!

Irrational Exuberance

Do you remember when Alan Greenspan gave his famous “irrational exuberance” speech when he thought the stock markets were too high? Well my question today is: With America’s looming debt crisis and almost certain tax hikes, why is the market again at a 52 week high? The Fed has pulled out all the stops with … Continue reading


Our most recent acquisition is PuertoPlata.Org!  Well, the reason I decided to bid and win this domain was because I’m considering this Dominican Republic sanctuary as a potential candidate of my port of entry for a future catamaran charter business.  The Dominican Republic is tropical and a great place to grow fresh bananas!  Enjoy the advertisers … Continue reading

Republican GOP Search Stats

Hello everyone! If you’re like us, you’re watching the Republican nomination process in each of the states.  We just pulled the below search stats off of Google for the last 30 days.  Very surprised to find that most Americans are searching for information about Newt Gingrich.  Stay positive Newt!  We’re pulling for you!   Here’s … Continue reading

PCS Media Develops

We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired  We have built this site because we are coffee fanatics and have lots of opinions about a variety of coffee makers.  We hope you enjoy it.